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petit La_cage_entre_reve_et_realite

a solo exhibition by Sandra Chevrier
Opening Cocktail: 22nd March, 6-10pm
Exhibition Dates: Tuesday, 22nd March – Saturday, 7th May 2016
Exhibition Location – 9 FIRST St, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Above Second is proud to present Les Cages, an upcoming solo show featuring the works of Montréal based artist: Sandra Chevrier.

With her Les Cages series, Chevrier represents in her work women rejecting expectations enforced upon them- highlighting the tragedy of the modern oppressed woman. Chevrier explains:

“The series: Cages is about women trying to find freedom from society’s twisted preconceptions of what a woman should or shouldn’t be. These women encased in these cages of brash imposing paint or comic books that masks their very person symbolizes the struggle that women go through with having these false expectations of beauty and perfection, as well as the limitations society places on women; corrupting what truly is beautiful by placing women in these prisons of identity. By doing so, society is asking them to become superheroes.”

‘masks’ of her subjects within this particular body of work differ from those previously revealed, in that they focus more largely upon the action occurring within the narratives of the superhero content. The images feature scenes of: conflict, defeat, and triumph. Chevrier drew inspiration from classic comic book illustrations, emphasizing the style in which onomatopoeias are utilized as a medium for bringing other worlds to life: “The words, the onomatopoeias, as well as images becomes vehicles for carrying the symbols [and the] emotional charge of the work. The sounds almost becomes audible, as if they were bouncing in echo against the portrait; one that hides but also lives the action of the comic books storylines.”

A self proclaimed “gaze-collector”, Chevriers’ artistic work has become recognizable by her use of combining female portraits with collages of comic book graphics within her pieces. Chevrier engages the viewer with the personal stories of the women portrayed in her work, the essence of which is captured by the expressions made the subjects.

“There is also a certain melancholy in these different faces as if these women experienced a situation that they did not wish. As if they were “slaves.” An offset of American comics, synonymous to entertainment and fun. This is exactly the goal of the series, a daily struggle for us all against that which is imposed by society and the very expectations we impose on ourselves. I keep myself busy in many ways; single mom, business woman, artist, the household, romance, errands. It puts a lot on one’s shoulders. We overwork ourselves. We are all slaves to something, of something. And in comic books, despite all the playfulness of the thing itself and all the “POW BING BAM,” superheroes are also fragile. Superman, when he loses his battle against Doomsday, the image of his red cape tattered planted in the ground as a fallen flag has an intense beauty and incredible power. This is just one example among many others. We are human, men and women, and we are entitled to the flaw, the error.”

petit La_cage_qui_toujours_se_releve

Chevrier currently resides in Montréal, Québec- balancing her life as a fulltime artist, and full time single mum. Her Les Cages series rose to worldwide renown, establishing Chevrier as one of the most highly applauded collage artists currently active. Pieces of her work have been featured in galleries across The Americas, Europe and Asia, and are in the hands of collectors around the world.

無二畫廊今年春季將呈獻Les Cages,來自加拿大蒙特婁的女藝術家Sandra Chevrier的個人展覽 。

Sandra Chevrier的Les Cages系列,畫中的每一個女主角都反抗社會對女性強加的期望,表達了現代女性受盡抑壓的悲劇。Chevrier說道:




「這些女性的面上帶點惆悵,就像她們遇上了不希望出現的情況,有如奴隸一樣。與美國漫畫稍有不同,是娛樂和好玩的代名詞。這正是整個系列的目的,我們每日都因為社會的期望或是對自已的苛求而懊惱。我身兼多職,既是單親媽媽,又是事業女性和畫家,每日為家庭、愛情和生計而忙碌。這一切都是一個包伏,我們都對自己太苛刻,我們每人都是奴性的。而在漫畫書中,除了所有富玩味的擬聲詞,所有的『澎、澎、砰、』(POW BING BAM)都說明了超級英雄都有脆弱一面。超人,當他在最後一役中落敗,他的紅色斗篷變成破爛的旗幟在地上時,都會有一種令人肅然的力量和美。這只是其中的一個例子。我們都是普通人,無論是男人或女人,都一樣會犯錯、有失意的時候。」

Sandra Chevrier目前居住在加拿大蒙特婁,既是一個全職藝術家,亦是一個全職單親媽媽。她的作品系列Les Cages使她一躍成為世界知名、現今最活躍的拼貼藝術家之一。她的作品在美國、歐洲、及亞洲畫廊展出,當中有不少作品在世界各地的收藏家中。

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