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Above Second Gallery Present:
a solo exhibition by NICK WALKER (UK)
Opening Cocktail Event:  Thursday, September 17th, 7-10pm

Exhibition will run from
Thursday, September 17th – Saturday, October 24th 2015
Venue: Above Second, 9 First St, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Opening Hours:  Tues – Sat 1-7pm

This September, Above Second is proud to present renowned Bristol street artist: Nick Walker’s upcoming solo show: ENTROPY.

Exploring new ideas alternative to his trademark Gentleman Vandal, Walker plans to express more abstract imagery, allowing for a more organic process to unfold.

Inspired by the illustrative works of Moebius, and by the busy futuristic market scenes reminiscent of Ridley Scott’s 1982 feature film Blade Runner, Walker plans to return to Hong Kong having created pieces exclusive to the show, in honour of the city’s urban aesthetic. Walker last visited Hong Kong in December to gather inspiration and collect photos for future creations that will be featured in this show. When asked about his connection to Hong Kong, Walker noted: “It [has] an abundance of old signage and history, and also a very gritty edge which is something I love to portray in my street scenes.”

“A new element I am exploring with this show is ‘Numbers’ which I call the Smoke series. Originally I was inspired by Jasper Johns some time back and began to implement numbers into my paintings as background or fragmented, but now I am focusing solely on the numbers themselves.”

Experimenting with new changes to his artistic style, long time street artist Nick Walker entitled his upcoming showcasing: Entrophy, to reflect the chaotic nature of change.

Having pioneered the street art movement since its early conception in the 1980s’, Nick Walker is recognized as one of the street art community’s greatest contibutors. His distinctive style can be recognized by his use of multi-coloured and multi-layered stencil techniques, used to create complex imagery, often conveying critical satires. Notable works by Walker include: The Gentleman Vandal, The Morning After, and Moona Lisa, inspiring new artists and styles.


英國街頭藝術家NICK WALKER個人展覽


無二畫廊將於九月份呈獻英國著名街頭藝術家Nick Walker的個人展覽:ENTROPY。

Nick Walker 繼他最為人熟悉的塗鴉作品Gentleman Vandal之後,不斷尋找一些新想法,並透過探索抽象的圖案,讓自己的作品有機地不斷改變,展現出更多可能性。

Nick Walker再度在香港舉行展覽,更特地創作出部分全新作品,展現香港這個城市的都市美學感。全新作品的靈感來自法國漫畫家Mœbius的插畫作,當中一 幕繁忙的街市場景,更令人聯想起美國電影大師 Ridley Scott 於1982年的作品《銀翼殺手》。Nick Walker於去年12月曾到香港尋找新的靈感,並收集照片作記錄。問到他對香港的連繫,他說道:「香港的街景有很多舊式的招牌,很具歷史性,更帶有一種 粗糙感,我認為是展示我的塗鴉作品的理想地方。 」

Nick Walker續說:「是次展覽其中一個我正在探索的新元素是「數字」,並創作出我稱之為Smoke系列的作品。以前有一段時候很受Jasper Johns的影響,開始在畫作背景或色塊中加入數字的元素,現在我更集中探索數字的本身。」

這名街頭藝術家正在經歷他作品風格上的改變,Nick Walker以Entropy命名他是次展覽,正反映出藝術家在改變中渾沌現象。

Nick Walker早於八十年代積極推動街頭藝術運動,是街頭藝術界其中偉大人物之一。他的風格獨特,擅長運用多種顏色和多層次的模板印刷技巧,創作出複雜的圖 案,作品中帶有諷刺的訊息。Nick Walker的著作包括The Gentleman Vandal、The Morning After、Moona Lisa等,為其他藝術家帶來靈感,啟發新的風格。


Nick Walker (British, b.1969) is one of Britiain’s graffiti pioneers and has been working out of Bristol for over twenty years. Nick’s work employs a good deal of wry humour, treating iconic figures with a refreshing irreverence such as his two images of the “Mona Lisa” and his recent print of the Houses of Parliament. He has been influenced by films like Blade Runner and the visions of 2000AD into developing his own dystopian science fiction imagery. He was originally inspired by seeing NYC graffiti pioneer Dondi and in his early street-spraying days used the tag Ego. Nick was also one of the first people to use stencils in his work. His style has attracted widespread attention and he has created spraypaint portraits of Krust, Roni Size and Carl Cox as well as a comic strip for Roni Size’s Dope Dragon label. He has also been involved with the movie industry, painting sets for the director Stanley Kubrick and for the motion picture of Judge Dredd.

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