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Make Waves for Colour
a solo exhibition by SABRINA KEE-KITNEY (Hong Kong Artist)
Opening Cocktail: February 25th, 2016 7-10pm
Thursday, February 25th – Saturday, March 12th 2016

The paintings of Sabrina Kee-Kitney are a lively burst of colour onto canvas, capturing the texture and momentum of water in all its forms. Water at its purest appears crystal clear, and like a prism she reflects the entire colour spectrum of light in a lively dance with Mother Nature. Both friend and foe, water is a paradox of life, a healer and killer, it gives and takes indiscriminately. Applying a unique technique of painting using sticks and corks, Sabrina takes us on a journey through this creative destructive process of life.

The Story

On land, mountain trails are filled by the sights and sounds of light jazzy rain, with cascading waterfalls and bubbling streams meandering through the rugged hilly terrain. At sea, waves swish and swirl in the crags created through the slow erosion of rock exposing layers of time past. Throughout summer and autumn, the peaceful nature of water descends into chaos with the swift arrival of a typhoon bearing down from the South China Sea, T1, T3, the countdown is on and everyone’s attention is drawn to watching the eye of the storm twist and shout towards us. The T8 signal is hoisted and sends the entire city running to find shelter. Batten down the hatches, Mother Nature is about to unleash her mesmerizing momentous dance.

The sound of rumbling thunder in the distance grows louder, and flashes of white lightning pierce through the heavy sky, short circuiting the brightly lit cityscape of Victoria Harbour. Tall buildings shudder and sway in the howling winds that follow. The eye of the storm has arrived and shows no mercy, the rain dance turns into a torrential waterfall flowing directly from the blackened sky. Sunrise after the storm, aqua serenity and bliss returns.

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Sabrina Kee-Kitney (born 1964, Hong Kong)

Of Malaysian-Chinese descent, Sabrina is a self-taught artist perusing a long held passion that until recently had been locked away inside. After retirement from a long successful career in the fashion business, she embarked on her new journey and started painting in 2011. Sabrina’s other home is in Scotland where she loves being surrounded by the natural beauty of the formidable mountains, seas and rivers, and where she finds the extreme weather conditions invigorating.

Optimistic and bubbly in nature, Sabrina sees beauty in everything, which is reflective in her colourful vibrant work. Her biggest inspiration comes from Mother Earth and the natural forces in control of human destiny, indeed of all existence on this planet. Sabrina is entirely in awe of the sea, mountains and skies, and is deeply mystified by the enormity of the universe. She is a true believer of living life to the fullest, and is enjoying every moment of time on this radiant planet.

For enquiry please contact
Cliftons Art Prize Finalist in 2013.
Exhibition Curator – Julie Barrass

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