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Opening Reception: Thursday, 20th October 7-10pm

Affordable Original Artworks and Hand-painted Prints will be available
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Exhibition Date: 20th Oct – 20th Nov, 2016

KAAMOS, the works of renowned New York based artist, Rubin415 (aka: Tony “Rubin” Sjöman)- showcased in his first ever solo exhibition in Hong Kong.

For KAAMOS, Rubin415 brings to Above Second a series of hand coloured screen-prints, and painted panels to be showcased alongside a new mural to be unveiled in the gallery. KAAMOS, Finnish for: ‘Polar night’, is so named after the period of the year which Lapland is currently entering, where the sun does not rise in especially Northern areas where Sjöman has a cabin. Inspired by his Scandinavian heritage- Rubin415 has created pieces with dark backgrounds and muted coloured tones, that not only draw from his Finnish- Swedish background, but also draws from the metropolitan cityscapes of his time spent in the city of New York since having had moved there.

Rubin has expressed interest in creating typography works inspired by the polar night as well, a style combining gothic aesthetics with those of traditional Laplandish Sami shaman drums.

Known for his cleanly executed geometric lines and shapes typical of his style, Rubin415 has been associated with the greater ‘Graffuturism’ movement; a style not widely exposed to the Hong Kong public, attributed from the artistic influences of cyber-futurism and suprematism. The dark tones and pale colours featured in the work of Rubin415 are brought to life with through the subtle sense of movement that exists within his pieces, created by the soft curves and sharp vertexes- an ensemble is created that may appear both electric and harmonic. Famously, spraying his first tag at an especially young age- having started with traditional graffiti; typography has had immense influence on his most recent works- notably upon his sense of composition, that achieving a sense of poetism and that the pieces are communicating ideas seemingly through dialogue. Rubin415 is now a renowned, recognisable name among the greater New York street art community.


Rubin has become a staple of the New York City street art scene and he has put his trademark on concrete and brick all over the world, from his native Scandinavia to Thailand and Miami Art Basel. His abstract and geometrical pieces are rooted in traditional graffiti but break the rules of the craft with its muted color palette and Scandinavianly clean lines. Rubin draws inspiration from his gritty upbringing, the tram tunnels where he first learned the craft and from the contrasts that have formed him into the artist he is today: the skyline of the hectic metropolis versus the serenity of the Nordic nature, all perfectly balanced in his art.

Rubin’s work has been featured in Vice Magazine, Juxtapoz and several of the world’s leading street art media outlets and the first comprehensive art book featuring his murals and studio works “Rubin: New York / Scandinavia” (Dokument) is released in the spring 2016. Rubin’s studio work has been on display at Scope New York, Scope Miami and in galleries throughout New York City, Miami and Los Angeles.

Rubin resides in Brooklyn NYC but he’s just as home in the wilderness of Lapland where he spends the summers with his wife and son in a log house among reindeer and underneath the midnight sun.

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 5.28.15 PM
“Night Shift” // Acrylic & Resin on Wood


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