Above Second Gallery and Uniplan Co-present:
a solo exhibition by Javier Martin
Exhibition will run from 25th March – 2nd April
Venue: Loft 22, 22/F California Tower, 30-36 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong
Opening hour: 11:00 – 22:00

(Hong Kong, 28th January 2016) This March – during Art Basel week in Hong Kong, Above Second Gallery and Uniplan co-present, in collaboration with LKF Group: Lies and Light, a solo pop up show by artist Javier Martin, showcasing artwork spanning ten years of his career.

Martins’ first ever solo show in Asia, Lies and Light will feature works from Martins’ Blindness collection, which explores superficial perceptions of what is beautiful and valuable, in contrast with questioning what is ‘genuine beauty’, self reflection, and truth. Lies and Lights encourages viewers to in considering Martin’s work, also appreciate their own reactions to the subject and subject matter. Incorporating lights and mirrors in his projects, Martins’ art- known for its thought provoking boldness- invites the viewer not only to question societal views of worth, but their own perspectives as well- so as to literally, self reflect.

Martin explains: ‘I have been working with the Blindness concept for 10 years now and everyday I connect and focus more on the interior of the muse that I use in my art. Everything comes from the eyes and the eyes are everything in this collection, the eyes are the window to the soul and I plan to make society reflect on how we’ve stopped seeing the interior of people and focus more on the superficial”.

In addition to Martins’ Blindness series, Lies and Light will also showcase performance art at the opening event, and pieces from his LV Granade and LV Rifle; pieces which have been created from the deconstructed components of luxury fashion design brand, Louis Vuitton products to resemble modern weapons. Martin challenges the desire for luxury, by making his audience aware of questions pertaining to the nature of luxury, its socio-economic implications, and the true cost of status. Emphasizing materialism as a tool of oppression and control- making slaves out of consumers- these pieces are centered around the question: ‘has the bag become a weapon? Or has the weapon become a bag?’

Lies And Lights will also feature an extension of Martins’ greater collection of works entitled: Blindness Neon. This series combines Martins’ use of neon lights with portraits of women, showcased in the dark, so as to create a greater sense of intimacy with one’s self- allowing for a greater introspective experience.

Lies And Lights is not only significant for being Martins’ first ever solo show in Asia, but also because Martin plans to unveil, Universe: Martins’ first video installation in which he himself is personally featured, the installation discusses Martins’ concept of what is the ‘purest form of light’.

Mixed media artist, Javier Martin, originally from Spain, is globally renowned for his art which discusses complex social themes and ideas. Having developed a passion for creative expression since childhood, Martin continued to explore a vast range of mediums into maturity. The concepts of Martins’ work are presented in a language unique to his own art, born from the subversive manner of its content and the engagement of his audience with the subject most familiar to one: the self. His work has been exhibited in galleries across Europe, Asia and The Americas; since 2011 Martin has been a regular contributor to Art Basel Miami.

Lies And Lights is sponsored in part by Absolut Elyx Vodka- who will kindly feature their first ever pop up Absolut Loft Lounge in Asia.

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