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A Fleeting Moment by Nissa Kauppila
Chinese ink and watercolour: when east meets west
Opening Reception: Thursday, 14th July 7-10pm
Address: Above Second Gallery, 9 First St, Sai Ying Pun
Price list is available upon request. Please email May Wong for more details or any inquiries.
Email: May@above-second.com

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From July through the month of August, Above Second is proud to present the works of Nissa Kauppila in A Fleeting Moment. In A Fleeting Moment, Kauppila explores the theme of fragility within the natural world, and in turn, immortalizes this fragility and beauty using her own signature style, which combines traditional Chinese ink and watercolour on rice paper.

Her subjects -predominantly birds- are crafted with an immaculate attention to detail. At times, Kauppila depicts animals that have passed, which she does in a manner that is neither morbid nor tragic. Instead, the subjects are memorialised and respected in their uniqueness.

Her subjects are crafted against the backdrop of a blank paper, reminiscent of the style of traditional Chinese ink paintings. This effect compels viewers to contemplate an uneasiness in her pieces. When asked what it is that she would hope to share with her audience, Kauppila replies that the fragility of the animals along with the sense of movement, and unease, will hopefully come together in the viewer’s perspective so as to amass an image that is, ultimately, more beautiful than the sum of its parts. Kauppila recall one such instance:

“I overheard a few people talking about one of my paintings as reminding them of a collision, and one of them in the group actually approached the painting and used hand movements to show what he was talking about: a collision of two birds with a movement happening outside the canvas. I loved hearing and witnessing this. I also like the feeling of uncertainty- tension. This feeling of floating for me is like a moment of suspension, in which the objects could go in several directions but at that very captured moment, there is a stillness [...]” .

Kauppila’s art displays an incredible aptitude for the mediums typically used by classical Chinese illustrators. Having become accustomed to using cold pressed cotton paper with gouache paints in the United States, Kauppila relocated to Foshan, Guangdong to explore new techniques and skills; skills not generally explored by most artists outside of the greater China region, and thus, Kauppila brings a new and exciting rendition of “East meets West.


Born in Vermont, USA, Kauppila grew up immersed in nature, surrounded by forests and mountains encapsulated with wildlife. She holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School Of Design, and a Masters in Education from the University Of Vermont. She has since exhibited in both mainland China and the USA, and A Fleeting Moment will be her first solo show in Hong Kong.


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