Above Second is proud to present ‘Obfuscating Stupidity’ (aka Playing Dumb), featuring a new series of large scaled to medium sized digital paintings by Hong Kong based artist Sonya Fu, her second solo exhibition at the gallery.

In ‘Obfuscating Stupidity’, Fu illustrates her subject matter with delicate looking figures portraying childlike characteristics in dream-inspired locale. Unlike her previous work, Fu shakes off her solemnness and takes a brighter approach to observe and contemplate social unjust and humanity in a more playful and sarcastic manner. Fu’s creation of surreal composition and frolicsome characters make a prominent contrast against the realistic social issues, piercing the viewer’s mind with the paradoxical wisdom of feigning stupidity.

裝傻 ‘Obfuscating Stupidity’
總會有裝傻的時候。一向以夢境作靈感泉源的傅敏兒 Sonya Fu ,在是次個展 ‘Obfuscating Stupidity’ 中,運用淘氣和帶點諷刺的手法和如夢似幻的構圖,描繪其對社會狀況的看法。作品中的人物,佯愚裝傻,夢境般的構圖與嚴肅和貼身的社會問題形成有趣的對比,藉此貫穿觀看者的思想,反思社會狀況,闡釋裝傻的智慧。

About Sonya Fu
Sonya Fu is a Hong Kong based artist and designer. She has recently been endorsed by Semi Permanent as a new and notable artist of Hong Kong and awarded by Perspective Magazine as one of the ‘40 creative talent under the age of 40’ in Asia. Fu has participated in many local and international art exhibitions. Her chosen medium is digital painting which encompasses an intricate and unique process. Fu’s work is inspired by dreams, music and the human condition filling her work with subtle messages leaving the viewer to develop their own interpretation. Sonya quotes “My art can be disturbing to the audience, but this is my interpretation of life and the perspective of the many aspects of my everyday encounters. If my work manages to scare, sadden, excite or inspire people, then I am doing the right thing as an artist – creating and conveying emotion.”

傅敏兒 Sonya Fu 是香港本地插畫家和平面設計師,曾參與多個本地和海外的畫展,最近被國際知名的設計論壇 Semi Permanent 選為年度注目的香港藝術家和獲選 Perspective Magazine – 透視雜誌亞洲首’40個設計驕子之一‘。她以 ‘數碼繪圖’ 為創作媒介,結合傳統技藝和創新媒介創作出獨特的作品。她的靈感多來自夢,音樂和人們的生活。傅敏兒的作品充滿暗示使其能讓觀者自行探索和理解。傅敏兒說: 我的作品可能會令觀者感到不安,但這些都是我對日常生活的闡釋和看法。如果我的作品能令人感到恐懼,傷感,興奮或啟發到某些人,這樣地創作和傳達情感,都正是我作為一個藝術家希望做的事。

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