Colors of the City:
New York Narratives

Featuring Original Artworks by

Federico Fiorentini (Italy)

October 11 – November 10 2012

Opening: 6 – 10 PM Thursday October 11, 2012

Venue: 31 Eastern St, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Free Admission

Above Second is proud to present ‘Colors of the City: New York Narratives’ featuring the large scale canvases of Italian artist Federico Fiorentini.

Federico Fiorentini captures life. He paints an array of subjects from antique cars and teddy bears to moving trucks and Hollywood boulevards. Drawn to cars for their timelessness, and city streets for their immediacy, Fiorentini looks too all aspects of life for inspiration. What was once part of our everyday becomes preserved and revered.

In this selection of paintings, Fiorentini explores the many facets of New York City’s streets. Walking the streets of the city, Fiorentini takes inspiration from the mundane. He paints from photographs taken during these walks, instinctively composing life into neat canvases. His paintings force the audience to pause and contemplate the corner that they pass everyday, the commonplace that doesn’t seem special, and realize it’s subtle beauties.

Fiorentini’s use of bold colored lighting on muted backgrounds adds a personality to otherwise normal scenes. For Fiorentini, color is his mood, a way to express the emotion of the setting. His scenes of New York reflect the beautiful light of the city, both natural and artificial. He is drawn to the city for its beauty diversity, and modernism, but what inspires him most is its colors. Come experience the colors of New York in the city of Hong Kong brought to you from Italy. Nothing could be more cosmopolitan.

About Federico Fiorentini
Federico Fiorentini was born in Milan in 1972. He studied sculpture at Accademia di Belle Arti of Florence, but turned to painting in his early 20’s. He has lived and worked in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bali, New York, Berlin and Florence. He has exhibited his works in Italy, Europe, and the USA.

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