‘Journey is the Reward’ has become somewhat of a manifesto for my life thus far. So much so that I even have these words tattooed across my chest, a reminder for life that the process of making art and the journey of travel is just as important as the final product and solid milestones we might consider ‘achievements’ or ‘goals’. For me, making art or being an artist, is a lifestyle, a passion and life-long commitment. This has opened up a whole world of new places, people, friends and adventures, which in turn influences my artistic practices and the subject matter of my work.

‘Journey is the Reward’ at Above Second gallery represents another one of those unique experiences for me, and the work references my inspirations from my journey so far as well as the location, people and influences of Hong Kong. Somewhat a mix of Australian, American and Asian culture the pieces show the diverse effects these cultures have had on my work and my continuing exploration of duality and human emotions and experiences. – Meggs

Opening: 30th March, 2012, Time: 6pm – 10pm
30th March – 17th May, 2012

For more info and pricelist please contact: may@above-second.com
RSVP: info@above-second.com

Work In Progress @ Above Second

‘In Our Hands’ - Gold – 2012 – Mixed Media

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