Above Second is proud to present a group show of ‘GetFreaky’ contributors curated by ‘GetFreaky’ director Supertexte, and director of MyJane Studio in Hong Kong, Lee Mei Yan.

Gathering over 30 established and emerging international artists, illustrators, and designers, this exhibition aims to illustrate the connections between works produced from every corner of the globe. The artists, who participate in the creation of fanzines, graphic art, street art, exhibitions, and who are initiators of projects in their respective countries, are pushing the boundaries of contemporary illustration.

Influenced by the urban context and human relations, these works contain humor and politics, and a touch of stylized surrealism. Dominated by flat graphic colors and thick-black outlines, the pieces in the exhibition show the clear influence of graffiti. Though taken out of this urban context and contained within the gallery walls, the pieces have the common framework of “street art” either through influence or participation. Whether it’s a black-and-white print by Loup Druelle of Batman having a bit too much fun at a party, or the pop-colored piece by Diela Maharanie of a fawn emerging from an unsuspecting womb, something from this eclectic group is sure to delight and surprise.

About GetFreaky www.getfreaky.fr

GetFreaky, a fanzine founded in northern France in 2010, is directed by Hellofreaks (graphic designer), Gler One (photographer and designer), and Supertexte (artist). The zine has published works by over 150 artists from across the globe. In celebration of the release of new issues, the magazine organizes events such as concerts, parties, and openings, in the hopes of connecting artists and art lovers across the globe. By organizing exhibitions across Europe of original paintings, drawings, and silkscreen prints by contributing artists, the name has become known as more than just a fanzine.

THTF collectif (France) www.thtfcollective.com/

Pstolë & Supapouik met in 2008 behind school desks and started drawing together. They began large black & white illustrations meant to be stuck up in the streets in France and abroad. Big smiley and curious characters eager to discover and interact with the world in which they’re introduced, geometric shapes, surreal elements and entwined works began populating street walls which became their playground. These collages allow THTF to be noticed by the public and access contemporary art places where they present more accomplished works made of colorful paintings and sculptures.

Joakim Ojanen (Sweden) www.joakimojanen.com/

Joakim was born in 1985. He currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden. He graduated in 2012 and obtained his BA in Graphic Design & Illustration from the Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. He has had solo and group shows in Sweden since 2007 and will be heading to USA next.

Louise Druelle (France)
Loup Druelle was born in Calais in 1992. She studied arts at the´Esaat in Roubaix where she obtained a diploma in animation. She is now based in Norway, where she continues her studies at the Volda University. She is a major contributor of the Get Freaky French illustration magazine based in Lille and participated in most shows organized by the fanzine in France and Germany.

Jiem (France) http://www.art-trek.be/artists_jiem.html

Jiem, born in 1981, in Nantes, France, is an illustrator and wall painter. He lives and works in France and often participates in exhibitions and residences in other countries such as Italy, Poland, Spain, Belgium, USA and Canada where he lived for over a year and developed many projects especially in editions of books. Jiem is fond of naive painting, graffiti and all forms of popular arts. Figurative and dreamy, his works are an infinite portrayal of human relations. He is passionate about the urban context. Artist of contact, the street and people are a real inspiration to him.

Ekta (Sweden) http://www.ekta.nu

Ekta gratuaded from the London College of communication with a Bachelor degree in Graphic design and Illustration in 2004. Since then he has been very active on the Europe art scene. He has had five solo shows in Europe as well as several group shows and was published in numerous international books and magazines including Modart, Denimzine, Faktum, Streetart Stockholm (Max Ström publishing), Street Sketchbook (Thames & Hudson), From Concrete to Canvas II (Laurence King publishing) ETC. He has worked for international brands such as Nikita, Posten, Mattel.

Hellofreaks (France) hellofreaks.com/

Graphic Designer & Illustrator, one of the GetFreaky directors, he specializes in top-notch illustrations, jaw-dropping logo design and image treatment. His work is characterized by shifted humor, details, faded colors and an undeniable taste for hand-made typography. His work has been seen through some very well-known Books, Prestigious Magazines, Sold-Out Festivals & Great Exhibitions in many places around, including Brazil, Singapore, Taiwan, London, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, Lille and Toulouse.

Amaia (Spain) amaiaarrazola.com/

Born in the Basque Country, she studied advertising and Public Relations in Madrid. During the last years, she won a creativity contest that allowed her to enter in Mccann Erickson in Madrid as an art director and illustrator. She then decided to move to Barcelona where she now lives and works as a freelance illustrator. She’s part of the collective Reskate, and has participated in various exhibitions in Madrid and Barcelona alone or collectively.

HuskMitNavn aka RememberMyName (Denmark) www.huskmitnavn.dk/

Danish artist, born in 1975, he lives and works in Copenhagen. HuskMitNavn has marked his name both in Denmark and internationally by his controversial, humorous and political street art. His characteristic figures and comments are spread all over Europe and cover a wide area from graffiti in public space, illustrations for international magazines and newspapers into established settings as galleries and building adornments.

Supertexte (France) http://supertexte.tumblr.com

Supertexte is a multidiscipl inary artist and teacher, from illustration to the video, through music, painting, graphic design or writing. He attended arts school in Dunkirk from 2003 to 2008. He juggles between video performance, murals, electronic hip hop concerts and photography exhibitions. He now plays in the spheres of conceptual mapping by video projection through video-painting and mapped stop motions. His works have been shown in France and Canada. Editor and curator, he cares about Getfreaky magazines and exhibitions, which brings together internationally renowned illustrators.

P7 (Thailand)
P7 is a recognized figure amongst street artists in Thailand. He is the creator of the FOR2 wall painting show taking place every year on the walls of the BACC, gathering major street artists from Thailand in one great wall painting. He has had solo shows in major and alternative Bangkok venues and has also exhibited his works in the USA and Singapore.

Simon Brats (France) prayforfun.blogspot.com/

Simon Brats, a.k.a Pray for Fun is a 28 years old artist and art teacher living in Dunkerque. He’s close to GetFreaky’s artists with whom he has worked since the beginning for the fanzines, events and exhibitions. He is a photographer and illustrator artist who likes to mix these two mediums and play with mistakes and coincidences. The outcome is somehow ironic and surrealistic.

Zigendemonic (Ukraine) zigendemonic.tumblr.com/

Zigendemonic is an artist, born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1988. She got a basic education in art-school and later obtained a bachelor’s degree in fashion design, but she has achieved more success with self-education. One of her first obsessions was graffiti, later self-published zines and art books. Since 2002 she has worked under an alias. By experimenting a lot, she has formed a recognizable style, but she always tries to work on something new. Zigendemonic equally feels free to work in black and white graphic technique, in full color acrylic paintings and digital illustrations or collages. She wants to convey the spirit of the modern world, which is interwoven with personal experiences and forms a small universe full of dark and surreal characters from her dreams.

Ancho (Philippines) www.heyanjo.com/

Anjo Bolarda is a visual artist/designer based in Manila, Philippines. He grew up with Japanese art and vintage cartoons. His works are influenced by Japanese Ukiyo-e art and American low brow graffiti and has been recognized around the world. He is named one of the Philippine’s top illustrators. He also worked with a list of clients namely Facebook, Nike, Ogilvy, Yahoo Southeast Asia, National Arts Council of Singapore, Noise Singapore, Nestle, Teeshed etc. He has exhibited works in Japan, Shanghai, Singapore, France, Belgium,Germany, New York and Spain.

LIGONE (Portugal) http://ligdsgn.com/

Gil Guerra aka LIGONE was born in the coastal city of Setúbal in 1985, among fishes and fishermen. Soon he started scrabbling and drawing, stumbling on graffiti at the age of 13 and on street art at the age of 18, inspired by the posters, stickers and stencils of Lisbon and Barcelona. In 2006 his vespa scooter took him to the city of Caldas da Rainha to study Graphic Design, where drawing met vectors. After he concluded his degree, he left to Gent, Belgium, where he had the opportunity to work with Glossy, studio of design, in Belgium doing an internship. Lately he has been collaborating with the Artistic Collective Gentuza, from Gent, what has been revealed as an enriching experience in his current imaginary world of little stylized creatures.

Alex Chiu (USA) www.alexdoodles.com
Alex Chiu is currently a Los Angeles based painter and illustrator. His artwork borrows from the visual language of comics, cartoons, and video games. Most of his work is created without preparation or preplanning and taps into the subconscious. His work can be described as cute, grotesque, psychedelic, and intense. Alex’s work has created featured exhibitions in a number of galleries including The Hive gallery in Los Angeles, California and Grass Hut Gallery in Portland, Oregon. He has also worked for a number of clothing companies including Volcom and Hurley.

Pierre Bolide (France) http://www.pierrebolide.fr/
Pierre Bolide was born in 1985, and lives and works between Lille and Tournai, most of time. Because he likes comics, he tried to draw his own. Today, he draws for him and for some other guys. Fond of silkscreen printing, he took part in the 38 Quai Notre-Dame’s associative workshop where he still works in book/posters/tees realizations and teaches people the techniques of the trade.

Mr. Phomer (Portugal) phomer.com/blog/
Born in Lisbon, now based in London, Mr. Phomer is a connoisseur of all things cool. Son of the 1980′s, he was raised by wolves, ink, super heroes, Polaroid pictures, video games, cartoons, the cold war, tape mixing, sneakers, vintage references, posters, bikes, vinyl collections and street playgrounds. He has learned through graffiti and urban culture and studied the fine arts of graphics and illustration to enhance his ever-growing self-made knowledge. This is a lifetime work in progress that aims to cross different styles, times, cultures and other lives, hopefully yours. His ultimate gold (not goal) is to achieve total coolness.

Lee Mei Yan Jane (Hong Kong) www.behance.net/myjane

Born in Hong Kong, 1989. Lee Mei Yan is a founder at My Jane Studio where she worked as a freelance illustrator and designer. Her prodigious output encompasses comics, graphic design, product design, wall murals, and installation. Mei Yan Jane’s artwork is playful, detail rich, and teeming with a heartfelt optimism. A young and creative designer, Lee Mei Yan has worked with clients from around the world since 2007. Her clientele spans across the US, UK, France, Belgium, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Aitch (Romania) http://aitchmade.blogspot.hk/

Artist and illustrator, Aitch has been part of numerous art shows in Romania (Timisoara, Sibiu, Bucharest, Iasi), but also in cities like Vienna, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Aalborg, and San Jose. She started drawing weird chubby fantastic creatures during her studies at the University of Art and Design in Timisoara, as a sort of subversive reaction to the academic ways of treating human anatomy. She developed her characters in the illustrated “Book of Domestic Monsters.” Her artistic work ranges from pink, cute, elegant, to sometimes creepy, semi-religious, bizarre characters, mixed in surrealistic
sets. She also applies her experience in graphics, painting, character design, clothes and sewing plush toys.

Saddo (Romania) www.behance.net/Saddo

Romanian artist, illustrator and muralist, he lived all over Romania, a year and a half in Berlin, and now back in Bucharest. He has been attracted to fantastic, bizarre imagery, since childhood, when he used to devour horror and sci-fi movies and books. He learned the basics of graphics at the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, but his first important step to what he is today as an artist, was discovering street art, and founding one of the first street art collectives in Romania, The Playground. His work has been shown in many group exhibitions in Bucharest, Timisoara, Berlin, Vienna, Aalborg, Copenhagen, San Jose, New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, Stockholm, Dresden, Muenster, Holon, Glasgow, and Salvador.

Ibie (Spain) http://streetfiles.org/ibie
Ibie, was born in Barcelona (1979) where he currently resides and where he began painting on the streets in 1993. His works have been published and exhibited in various magazines, books and galleries in Taiwan, Berlin, Los Angeles, Canada, Vienna, and Barcelona. He is currently working as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, and editor for Finerats illustration magazine . He also makes his audiovisual work as a producer under the seal Chingaquedito Entertainment.

MMFK (Thailand) http://upper-cult.com/tag/mmfk/

Pharuephon Mukdasanit, born in 1978, graduated from Rangsit University in Visual Communication Design. He is a freelance graphic designer. Typography and illustration are his passions. B.O.R.E.D. is a design collaborative he started with his friends Rukkit Kuanhawate, Pongpassakorn Kulthirathum, Koonklung Kouputhai, Varathit Uthaisri, Porachon Sathanon and Wanpracha Thitipaisal in 2002.

Tika (Switzerland) http://tikathek.com/tika/

Born in 1978 in Switzerland, Tika grew up in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Egypt. She now lives between Berlin, Rio de Janeiro and Zurich. She first approached the streets by gluing self-drawn circus-posters in 1988, and started graffiti in 1996. TIKA (tag & broad nosed character) graduated in 2004 with a Master in Visual Communication at the School of Art and Design Zurich (Nomination for the best Diploma of the year 2004). She has had solo shows since 2008 in Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, and group shows since 2003 in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, France, the USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Brasil, Turkey, Bulgaria, Malaysia, live paintings at Scope Art Basel, Museumsnight Kunsthaus Zurich, Goethe Institut Alexandria, as well as murals in Gambia, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa, Brasil, Argentina, and Germany. She has held residencies in Zurich 2009, Cape Town 2011, and Vienna 2012.

Diela Maharanie (Indonesia) http://bloodykirka.deviantart.com/

Diela Maharanie is a 28 years old illustrator who was born and lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. Diela’s interest in fashion and illustration grew from childhood although she never really had formal education in either. She loves colors and patterns, which is evident in all of her drawings. To her drawing is like an exorcism to pull out of all the emotion or thoughts she has. She feels that drawing is relaxing and fun—to play with colors and shapes, create characters and worlds from her dreams.

Rafaël Houée (France) http://frigobanjo.blogspot.hk/

A green-eyed, brown haired, round-shouldered 32-year-old art and comics book creator, Rafaël lives and works as a freelance illustrator and painter in France. He studied for 3 years at ESATI // Fine Art School of Angouleme. He has recently participated in shows at in Lille, Bordeaux, and Paris.

Hugo Mir-Valette (France) cargocollective.com/hugomir/

A 23 years old graphic designer from Toulouse, South France, Mir-Valette is fond of drawings, art, music and all things related to weirdness so far. He tries to get his work to embody the feelings he has without concrete representations of them. When he draws things, he sees them as abstract shapes, just esthetic materials broadcasting a kind of a feeling. He is currently living in North France, where he keeps on with his studies.

Nicolas Barrome (France) nicolasbarrome.com/
Barrome is a 32-year-old illustrator and artist who has lived in Paris for 4 years. He helped create the «jeanspezial collective» and «jeanclode studio» 8 years ago. Working with friends has always been his first motivation. Together they build pictures, painting huge walls and always mixing their references, styles and technics. His personal style has been influenced by old techniques like etching. In his pictures you’ll see some stupid dogs riding skateboards, anthropomorphic vegetables, aliens and hairy creatures. He finds his inspirations in classical paintings, religious icons and Sponge Bob at the same time.

Matacho Descorp (Colombia) http://www.behance.net/matacho

“Simply complex” would be a good phrase to describe what Matacho Descorp does with his delivery of pre-Columbian stylized, simple, interconnected elements in a visually controlled chaos. Alternative graphic designer, he graduated from the University of Cauca in late 2009. Born in the city of Popayán, Colombia in 1982, where he has spent his entire academic and professional training, he works on different projects, which have led him to be part of multiple national and international shows, exhibitions, and competitions. He splits his time between illustration, customization of objects, street art, design and editorial design –all which are the passions that have marked the course of his life.

Jopaucho (Sweden) http://www.talenthouse.com/jopaucho

A native of northern Sweden, Jopaucho has been known for his motionless staring characters. With a wide range of mediums spreading from watercolor and pencil to large murals, Jopaucho has managed to draw great attention to his works. His interest in spray paint and graffiti started in the mid 90s, and gradually merged from traditional lettering to his more illustrative characters. With a couple of years in art school and a few more years of struggling the work finally paid off. He is now working fulltime as an illustrator at one of Sweden’s most renowned illustration agencies. Whenever there is time over from the more commercial works Jopaucho enjoy sinking in to his world of sliced eyeballs and wide-open mouths. His whimsical work is fantastical and subversive, and has been shown in galleries all over Europe and the U.S.

Endrju (Latvia) www.endrju.lv/

Éndrjü, born in 1987 in Latvia, uses many techniques to represent his art, from traditional and digital illustrations or printmaking to wheat-pasting in the streets. He uses bright colours and researches different topics such as society, astral projections and the symbolism of ancient rituals. His works have been published by Le Dernier Cri, Komikaze, GetFreaky, Ampel Mag, Dystopia, and Squame.

Frost (Latvia)
Frost, an alias used since he started doing graffiti, is interested in the artistically wider and therefore more challenging movement, street art. This has been his main passion and interest for the last few years. He’s currently studying printmaking and working as a graphic designer. His works are mainly influenced by these 3 spheres- street art, printmaking and graphic design. Frost likes to paint large murals and constantly tries to improve and evolve its standards for “what is good and why it works”.

Gler (France) http://www.nicolasverbauwen.com/liens.html
Nicolas Verbauwen aka Gler, designer and photographer, born in 1983 in Lille, France, is the first investigator of the Get Freaky project. After studying graphic design at St. Luke Institute in Belgium, he traveled in Europe for a few years. These trips brought numerous encounters with other artists—artists with whom he had the chance to create links and paint the streets of Barcelona, Lyon, Brussels, and
London. Back in 2006 in the north of France, he felt the need to tie together everything he loved in illustration and show these influences to other people. That’s how the idea to create the fanzine GET FREAKY came a few years later. He has since participated in numerous other fanzines and exhibitions; he now keeps drawing for more personal project and still for GetFreaky.

Opening: July 20th 2012, Friday 6-10pm
Event Date: July 20th 2012 – Aug 22nd 2012
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(between 2nd and 3rd st)

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