Above Second is proud to present a solo exhibition:

The Chairman and I

Featuring the Fine Art Photographs of

André Eichman (Hong Kong)

January 17 – February 7, 2013

Opening Reception

Thursday, January 17 from 6 – 10 PM

Venue: 31 Eastern St, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

 Above Second is proud to present the solo exhibition The Chairman and I featuring the hand embellished photographs of American-born, Hong Kong based fine art photographer

Photography is my passion. My images tell a story and capture a moment, which cannot be put into words. If the viewer pauses to look at these images, and wonders what the person is thinking, or what the story is behind the image, then I have succeeded.” –Andre Eichman

Eichman has been diligently documenting the relationship of Chinese citizens to Chairman Mao for a decade for this deeply personal project inspired by his late father. In 2003, while visiting his father who was living in Ganzhou, Eichman was introduced to a handful of ex-soldiers who recounted their time during the fight for liberation. He was specifically inspired by the story of comrade GuPing, who was Zao Enlai’s wife’s bodyguard during the long march. Eichman was deeply moved by their stories, the hardships and trials that they overcame, and decided to delve further into the relationship of the chairman and his citizens.

Since then, Eichman has put his sweat and blood into the project, traveling across China every chance he can, carrying his small kitschy Mao statue, and using a translator to recount the stories of his subjects. . The photographs are taken from all walks of life throughout China, and show people holding the statue of Chairman Mao. When handed the statue some would laugh or smile, others would say, ‘I don’t want to hold it’. Each person has an inimitable story, which Eichman hand writes, into the margins of his photographs. These personal details add a unique touch to each portrait. Through the journey of Eichman and his Mao statue, we are privy to relationships usually hidden to the public. We see Mao through the eyes of his people, coupled with Eichman’s own incredible travels. Together these accounts talk of hope, respect, and even curiostiy. How can one man change a country? Even today Mao’s legacy can be seen in the stirring portraits of “The Chairman and I.”

The artist has dedicated this series and exhibition in the memory of his father who’s love and curiosity for China and it’s citizens inspired Eichman’s incredible journey.

About André Eichman

André Eichman, a fine art photographer, has been documenting humanity for the past 25 years. André’s work has appeared in publications including the Sunday Times Magazine, Royal Geographical Magazine, Wanderlust, Vogue and W Magazine. He’s had solo exhibitions in New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and California.


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