Above Second is proud to present a group exhibition:


Featuring Original Artworks by

Amy Sol (Korea), Audrey Kawasaki (USA), Brian M. Viveros (USA), Dabs Myla (Australia), Esao Andrews (USA), Joao Ruas (Brasil), Linnea Strid (Sweden), Yosuke Ueno (Japan)

Venue: 31 Eastern St, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Free Admission

Opening Reception: November 16th 2012, Friday 6-10 pm

Exhibition Date: November 16th 2012 – January 12th 2013

Los Angeles based gallery Thinkspace has teamed up with Above Second in Hong Kong to present ‘LAX / HKG’. This special group exhibition has been curated by Thinkspace to help introduce their roster to Hong Kong. Featuring two new original works each from the likes of Amy Sol, Audrey Kawasaki, Brian M. Viveros, Dabs Myla, Esao Andrews, Joao Ruas, Linnea Strid and Yosuke Ueno, the exhibition will run from November through January.

With this special exhibit Thinkspace aims to shed light on the burgeoning New Contemporary Art Movement that was birthed in Los Angeles and continues to spread out the world over, gaining momentum and winning over new devotees at an astounding rate. With roots firmly planted in illustration, pop culture imagery, comics, street art and graffiti, put quite simply the New Contemporary Art Movement is art for the people. This exciting and challenging movement is showcased in ‘LAX / HKG‘ via the works of eight artists from around the world who create within a wide array of styles.

Whether you prefer the subtle feminine lines of Audrey Kawasaki, or the bold deep coloration of Brian M. Viveros, the diversity and complexity of the works shown will surely excite your imagination.  Each artist represents a unique aspect of the current contemporary art climate.  Some show greater influence from anime others from street art, but all give a refreshing perspective and truly push the envelope of current trends. Come discover your new favorite artist and enjoy this special collaboration between Los Angeles’s Thinkspace and Hong Kong’s own Above Second.


Above Second is honored to be releasing Audrey Kawasaki’s first special edition print in Asia.  50 prints will be available for purchase at the opening reception ONLY November 16th from 6 – 10 PM.  Come early, as we’re expecting a line up!


位於洛杉磯的 Thinkspace 畫廊聯同香港畫廊 Above Second,即將合作舉辦LAX / HKG’畫展 。‘LAX / HKG’由Thinkspace策劃,展出 Amy Sol Audrey Kawasaki Brian M. Viveros Dabs Myl Esao Andrews Joao Ruas Linnea Strid Yosuke Ueno 各兩幅新作。展期由二零一二年十一月十六日至二零一三年一月十二日。展覽開幕將在十一月十六日(星期五)6-10PM 舉行。

Thinkspace 對於獲得在香港展出的機會感到十分榮幸,希望透過展示畫廊一向支持的藝術家的作品,把源於洛杉磯的 New Contemporary Art Movement 帶到作為國際大都會的香港以及亞洲。 New Contemporary Art Movement 紮根於插畫、流行文化、漫畫、街頭藝術和塗鴉,題材離不開生活,因此 ‘LAX / HKG’正是捕捉這個movement的精髓,把8 位 來自世界各地的藝術家不同風格的作品呈現在觀眾眼前。

無論你喜歡 Audrey Kawasaki 細膩而女性化的畫風,還是Brian M. Viveros 作品黑暗而性感的風格,‘LAX / HKG’多元化的展出都能夠為你帶來無限的想像空間。各畫家代表著現今當代藝術不同的元素。不過,不論是傾向漫畫風,還是街頭藝術風,畫家都以湛新的角度挑戰現有的潮流。不妨來到 Above Second 和 Thinkspace 畫廊合辦的‘LAX / HKG’畫展發掘出你喜愛的畫作吧!


Above Second將於LAX / HKG’的開幕(十一月十六日 6-10pm),發行 Audrey Kawasaki 於亞洲首度推出的限量版絲網版畫!數量有限(50份), 切勿錯過!


About Thinkspace www.thinkspacegallery.com

Established in November of 2005 as a joint effort between Sour Harvest and Cannibal FlowerThinkspace exists as a catalyst for the ever expanding new contemporary art movement that is exploding forth from the streets and art schools the world over. The gallery aims to help represent this new generation of artists, to provide them that home base and to aid them in building the right awareness and collector base necessary for long-term growth.


關於Thinkspace  www.thinkspacegallery.com

Thinkspace於2005年11月成立,前身是Sour HarvestCannibal Flower

Thinkspace致力推廣New Contemporary Art Movement,目標是透過協助代表新一代的畫家,為他們提供根據地、建立正確的認知及收藏家網路,以達到長遠發展。


About Above Second http://blog.above-second.com/

Above Second, opened in Hong Kong in 2010, is a gallery space existing as a catalyst for the expanding new contemporary art movement exploding forth from streets, art schools, and design studios around the world. Located in Sai Ying Pun, we exhibit a genre of work influenced by illustration, graphic design, graffiti, comic books, pop culture, and street art.

We are aware of the growing interest for diversity and options the Hong Kong community craves in contemporary art. Promoting and nurturing the understanding of an alternative subculture, we have a network of local emerging young talent and international artists whose work is rarely exhibited in Asia.

Above Second’s aim is to challenge and captivate the audience with notions of unconventionality and quality. Our Artist Residency program is designed to provide a space for visiting artists, without any limitations, as a setting to be progressive and innovate. They are encouraged to bring their raw creative energy (usually found on the streets) indoors, transforming our white walls into ingenious installations and departures from reality.


關於Above Second  http://blog.above-second.com/

Above Second位於西營盤,於2010年在香港成立, 是一個推廣New Contemporary Art Movement的展覽空間,展出的作品以插畫、平面設計、塗鴉、漫畫、流行文化和街頭藝術的風格為主。

近年香港藝術愛好者較以往注重當代藝術的多元性及選擇。Above Second 的網絡包括年輕本地藝術家,以及作品甚少在亞洲展出的國際藝術家。我們的宗旨在於以非傳統的藝術激發觀眾對創意的反思,希望籍此推廣及讓大眾了解另類文化。Above Second的Art Residency計劃為到訪的藝術家提供一個適合創作的空間,令藝術家能夠帶著對創作衝勁,運用畫廊白色的牆壁,造出令人歎為觀止的藝術品。


To RSVP or to be placed on the preview list, please email info@above-second.com.

RSVP或登記預展名單請email到 info@above-second.com



Amy Sol (Korea) <www.amysol.com>

Amy Sol spent her childhood years in Korea then moved to Las Vegas, NV where she currently lives and works. Though the style of her work is greatly influenced by a combination of manga, folk-art, vintage illustration and modern design, she remains a self taught artist. She has dedicated many years of her life mixing pigments and mediums to achieve a unique color palette of subtly muted tones. The artist works intuitively from the beginning to end of each piece, with the intent that each painting’s theme or message can be interpreted subjectively. Within these delicate works, you may often find whimsical landscapes populated with exotic plants, animal and females… Amongst the expressions of each character are notions of peaceful reflection and a sense of companionship.

Audrey Kawasaki (USA)<http://www.audrey-kawasaki.com>

Audrey Kawasaki is a Japanese-American artist currently living and working in Los Angeles. She attended the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY where she was influenced by Manga and art nouveau. Her work depicts sensuous young women on wood panel, with a strong emphasis on line quality and facial expression.

The themes in Audrey Kawasaki’s work are contradictions within themselves. Her work is both innocent and erotic. Each subject is attractive yet disturbing. Her sharp graphic imagery is combined with the natural grain of the wood panels she paints on, bringing forth unexpected warmth to enigmatic subject matter.

Brian M. Viveros (USA) <http://www.brianmviveros.com>

Celebrated artist Brian M. Viveros is internationally embraced for his erotic paintings of doe-eyed beauties with Marlboros dangling seductively from their lips and has also recently been utilizing the medium of film to capture the dark and evocative debris that radiates from his mind. His paintings are a mix of oil, airbrush, acrylic, and ink. In his work Viveros shines a light on his own inner world and society at large and aims to captivate even the most jaded eyes.

Viveros’ recognition accelerated with his participation in ‘The Art of Porn’ exhibition held in Switzerland (1997), where he exhibited alongside H.R. Giger, among others. Since then Viveros’ work has been exhibited extensively in North America and Europe via gallery exhibits and art fairs. His work has also been featured in numerous books including Les Barany’s ‘Carnivora: The Dark Art Of Automobiles‘, Harry Saylor and Carolyn Frisch’s ‘Edgy Cute: From Neo-Pop to Low Brow and Back Again‘, Matt Jordan’s ‘Weirdo Noir’, and Erotic Signature’s ‘The World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today – Vol. 1 and Vol. II‘.

Dabs Myla (Australia)<www.dabsmyla.com>

Melbourne natives Dabs and Myla are a dynamic duo who have lived, worked and soaked in the sun of Los Angeles since 2009. Dabs started painting graffiti in 1995, and began teaching Myla the ropes of writing about ten years later, after they met while studying illustration in art school and fell in love. Soon afterward, they decided they liked their collaborative pieces better than their individual work, and from that point on, they worked together exclusively, as Dabs Myla. Inspired by graffiti, food, travel and their wonderful chaotic life together as a couple, their paintings play Dabs’ mischievous and sometimes ribald characters off Myla’s photorealistic cityscapes. Since their move to California, they have never spent more than a few hours apart. They say, “I guess we are pretty lucky… two peas in a pod! Two crazy, workaholic, mad dorks in a pod! After years of living, painting walls and working together, we have only become closer, stronger and even more in sync. Every day we wake up, paint all day, and keep each other entertained with constant chatter and stupid jokes. Who could ask for more out of life?”

Esao Andrews (USA)<http://www.esao.net>

Esao Andrews grew up in the Arizona desert, and moved to New York in 1996 to complete his BFA in Illustration at the School of Visual Arts. After graduating in 2000, he spent the next few years working as a flash animator while painting in his free time. Andrews exhibited his oil paintings in coffee shops and group shows before landing his first major two-person show at Fuse Gallery in New York alongside John John Jesse in 2003. He has since collaborated with Tara McPherson for a DC Comics project, and has created album artwork for several bands, as well. Esao Andrews has developed a signature cast of dark and surreal characters, blending erotic and sometimes frightening surrealistic images, in a manner that is often compared with other American artists like Mark Ryden and John Currin.

Andrews participated in the 2002 BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery in London and cites Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Alfons Mucha, and Joe Sorren as major influences.

Joao Ruas (Brazil) <http://feral-kid.com>

Born in Brazil, 28-year old artist Joao Paulo Alvares Ruas was still a young child when his interest for visual art started to grow. Comic books were his first bridge to lines and colors, during high school much of his time was devoted to creative thinking due to the almost alternative education institution he studied under. Later, he took Design as his choice in University.

After a three year stint in London, Joao went back to his home town, Sao Paulo, where he works and lives.

Linnea Strid (Sweden)<http://www.linneastrid.se>

Linnea Strid is based in Stockholm, Sweden and was raised in Sweden and Southern Spain, where at an early age developed her passion for art. She has a special fascination for realism and works patiently for hours with tiny details. Linnea likes to play with reflections, light and shadows, which could be a couple of reasons why she is nearly obsessed with painting water in different shapes and forms, often combined with both honest and painfully exposed portraits showcasing a range of human emotions.

Yosuke Ueno (Japan)<ttp://www.spaceegg77.com>

Yosuke Ueno was born in 1977 in Japan, but might as well be from another planet. Bizarre, surreal and thought provoking, Ueno has been building upon his visual vocabulary since early childhood, having held his first solo show in Yamaguchi when he was only sixteen. Self taught and always moving forward, the main themes in Yosuke’s art will always be love, space and positive energy. His work is very cosmic in nature and features a great amount of recurring symbolism. The colors red, green, yellow and blue appear often in his work. These colors represent the four bases of DNA: adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine (A, T, G and C) – molecular elements that all animate beings share. Yosuke paints these colors and A, T, G and C with a simple universal message that all animate beings should have equal worth.

Artist Statement

The 11th March, 2011, Great Earthquake and Tsunami attacked east Japan and the accident in the nuclear reactor in Fukushima had followed the catastrophes. The date 311 had been an unforgettable day for all the people live in Japan and Japan has had a great trauma. In fact, I have created many works derive from these events. Our daily life had to totally be changed since that day. I could not almost believe that I am living the same world where we had lived before 311. Every people in Japan distinguish our life as before 311 and ‘after 311.” I remember well that I had been faced at blank canvases, trembling from great fear at those days. But that quake had brought a specific shape to my art that had had some obscure illusions. So I have been expressing my experiences “after 311” from various aspects.

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