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Above Second and Coates & Scarry present:




Opening Reception by invitation only

Friday  November 22nd – Saturday December 21st 2013

Venue: 31 Eastern St Sai Ying Pun Hong Kong

“I believe in chance, things happening for a reason and a balance. The tension between different objects, between ourselves and nature, between people, emotions and feelings; these can all be described in a drawing with simple lines. I try to achieve a balance between the figurative and the abstract.” – Carne Griffiths

In Carne Griffiths’ first solo exhibition in Asia, he presents a new series of works based on the balance of geometry and free flowing lines.  These lines represent a universal balance, one of male and female, power and meekness, even notes on a scale. Griffiths believes that we are all connected emotionally or spiritually to what is around us. These connections are expressed through his work as lines between objects or the things we are made of. They can be seen as representations of many things–energy, emotions or spiritual connections—the tangible and the intangible, in a natural balance.

Along with abstract studies and his well-known portraits, Griffiths will present two hand-illustrated electric guitars.  The guitars, a collaboration between Marlow Guitars and the artist, are handmade custom electric guitars built to bespoke specification in the style of a telecaster with original hand drawn/painted art on the back and front of the body.  Each is unique.  Using his portraiture and foliage as the main focus of illustration, Griffiths adds a soft seductive quality to the hard edge of rock n’ roll.

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About the Artist

Working primarily with calligraphy inks, graphite and liquids, such as tea, brandy and vodka Carne’s fascination with drawing focuses on the creation and manipulation of the drawn line. Images explore human, geometric and floral forms, in a combination of both literal and abstract translation and in response to images and situations encountered in daily life. Images are recorded in a dreamlike sense onto the page where physical boundaries are unimportant. His work creates a journey of escapism which focuses on scenes of awe and wonder, projecting a sense of abandonment and inviting the viewer to share and explore this inner realm.

Originally from Liverpool, Carne graduated from the Kent Institute of Art and Design in Maidstone in 1995. After completing a one-year KIAD fellowship and moving to London he served an apprenticeship at the longest-established gold wire embroidery firm in the world. Here he worked as a gold wire embroidery designer for twelve years, eventually becoming creative director. Carne produced intricate designs for the military and the film, theatre, fashion and advertising industries. His designs were used for the uniforms in the films Valkyrie, The Last King of Scotland, and in particular his ‘Red Death Coat’ was used in The Phantom of the Opera. Carne’s elaborate floral designs for Asprey were included in their first ever catwalk collection and his work was featured on the embroidered cover of the 80th Royal Variety Performance programme in 2008.

Since establishing his own studio in 2010, Carne has exhibited in the UK at the London Original Print Fair, Royal Academy and the London Art Fair in both 2011 and 2012 regularly at the Affordable art fair and this year at Moniker Art fair with Coates and Scarry. Internationally Carne has shown work in both Solo and Group exhibitions in Germany, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ibiza and New Orleans.

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About Coates & Scarry

Coates and Scarry began in 2009, when we started blogging about the art and artists from around the world who inspire us. In just a few short years, the fan base for our blog grew so dramatically that, after dozens of requests from Facebook fans and followers to showcase our favourite, talented artists, we started to curate, exhibit and sell artworks under the name Coates and Scarry.

From a local exhibition in Bristol in 2010, our lives have changed dramatically:  we now exhibit internationally, both at art fairs but also in collaboration with major museums and galleries where we combine resources and experience to provide a stellar platform for groundbreaking shows. Exhibitions include: Modern Fabulists at View, Bristol, in 2011; Unnatural-Natural History at the Royal West of England Academy in 2012; and Trailblazers at Above Second, Hong Kong in 2013.

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