Above Second is proud to present ‘Hong Kong Cinema’, featuring a new series of photos by Hong Kong based artist Jeremy Jangord, his first exhibition at the gallery.

In ‘Hong Kong Cinema’, Jangord found there’s a special bond that grows through film that most people don’t realize. In a way, this film consciousness is something like a shared memory, albeit fictional on the surface. It bonds people together and gives them a special language for communicating with one another. That can be exclusive in some ways, but I find that even for me as an outsider, it’s a way to connect with people anywhere in the world.

Hong Kong Cinema is about how movies are a part of our lives. Jangord focus on a moment within someone’s favorite film and translate the meaning of that scene into his or her real life. The resulting photos pay homage to the films that inspired them, but also tell us something special about the people who relate to those cinematic moments. Jangord wants to explore the different ways that people relate to film, and document how simply talking about movies can be a really intimate experience. By discussing the meaning of these film scenes, Jangord have made some very close friends and learned things about them that very few people in their lives even know. Sometimes we need movies to make sense of our own lives and communicate with others.

‘A Beautiful Mind’ - Jeremy Jangord

There’s a critical moment in Ron Howard’s ‘A Beautiful Mind’ where the tortured John Nash’s comparably tortured wife makes a choice to stay and help him through his paranoid schizophrenia. In maybe the most emotional moment in the film, Alicia Nash says, “I need to believe that something extraordinary is possible.” My friend N____ identified with this moment because she too had a trying relationship with someone who suffered from severe depression, only she chose to leave. She’s haunted by this decision, and deeply wishes that she could have had this moment where she found the strength and courage to do everything for their love. In our photo, she holds the letters she wrote to him that say the things she never had the chance to say.

Event Date: ARTWALK, 14th March, 2012,
Time: 5pm – Midnight
Venue: 31 Eastern St, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

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