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Flying Above Forced Isolation, solo exhibition by Daisuke Tajima

Opening: Thursday, October 12th, 7pm-10pm

Exhibition Date: October 12th – November 24th, 2017

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The pieces represented in Isolation, explore imagined cityscapes derived from Tajima’s own imagination, as well as his detailed sketches of complex machinery- drawn using fountain pens, and oil markers. Using the conventions of point perspective, Tajima has created in his largest pieces, impressively complex and incredibly detailed scenes composed of hanging cranes, dramatic signage, and dauntingly large yet graceful building structures- the harmony of which with everything together, emphasizes the truly striking care to detail demonstrated in Tajima’s style.


Tajima’s work deals with the complexities of human coexistence and the ultimate loneliness of the human condition. In viewing his work, the audience may be compelled to reflect on their own scale, and the scale of the world they themselves exist in. Through his work, Tajima expresses his sentiments considering his own emotions regarding being among other human persons, yet ultimately alone with one’s self on an introspective level.
“…To me, it is just an imaginary city I have in mind. Everything feels empty and cold in the city of my drawings. There’s no heat, no inhabitants. The atmosphere is cold and distant. Drawing non-organisms calms me down and comforts me.”

Tajima describes his unique style as having been developed from his appreciation for manga. Since having created manga works of his own in the past, he sites works such as 20th Century Boys and AKIRA- created by Naoki Urasawa and Otomo Katsuhiro, respectively- as having had influenced him to initially appreciate the genre, praising their “movie-like composition”. Tajima also explains:
“When I draw something mechanical, it is not just flat drawings to me, it is a three-dimensional object in my head”.

Tajima also noted:
“This year I have visited Hong Kong, different cities in Taiwan, Guangzhou. The signs and scapes there [are] imprinted in my head, that’s how I got inspired to [do] my drawings”.

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