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Thursday, November 26th – Saturday, December 19th 2015
Venue: Above Second, 9 First St, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: Tues – Sat 1-7pm


Extended Exhibition
Extended Miguel Marquez exhibition will be on-going at Tycoon Tann until early March 2016
Venue: Tycoon Tann, 74 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong
tel: 852.31253228


This winter, Above Second invites you to enter the game Hide and Seek, presenting the works of the renowned Clet Abraham and Miguel Marquez aka. Michael Pederson.

Hide and Seek unites for the first time the Italian-based French street artist Clet and the Australian artist and photographer Miguel Marquez. The exhibition—like their art—aims to be mischievous and cheerful, critical and sharp. In it, Clet’s street signs converse with Miguel’s messages and create a dialogue that addresses social and political issues such as apathy, political control and human relationships.

The street artists Clet and Miguel play with the rigidity and anonymity of the roads and pavements of our cities. They hide messages and they seek our attention. With messages related to the everyday their art serves as wake up calls for the yawning passer-by.

Their messages and small changes in the street signs and crossing lines bring playfulness to the rigid rules, breaking the strict sense of norms. Their art therefore plays with the city, talks to the observer, brings us a smile and gets the game stARTed. Their art invites spectators to play hide and seek in the whimsical, chaotic and maze-like streets of Hong Kong.

Clet Abraham (France, b. 1966) is a painter, sculptor and street artist best known for his playful and ironic alterations of road signs. After graduating from the Fine Arts Institute of Rennes and moving to Rome to work as a furniture restaurateur, he works and lives in Florence where he transforms street-signs into whimsical images. Many of his works include provocative socio-political references such as the Crucified Christ posted on a ‘dead-end’ sign or images of a policeman in love. His works can be found in the streets of Rome, Florence, Milan, Paris, New York, London, Brussels and other European cities; and have been exhibited in galleries such as Artistic Rezo Gallery in Paris, the Graffik Gallery in London and Palazzo Strozzi in Florence among others. Several public and private institutions including Castello di Poppi in Arezzo, Banca Popolare del Lazio or Paris’s 13th arrondissement have commissioned his works.