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Kungfu Legend

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Whose reigns supreme? (I know that is from Iron Chef)

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This July, Above Second is proud to co-present Untitled.
A trio of young fashion photographers presenting a series with a soft subculture vibe, these shots boast a reciprocal confidence between photographer and model that works to decouple nudity and confidence. Scenes of glitter, chromatic bathtub water, and midnight refrigerator binging brings across a feeling of celebration and intimacy in everyday spaces.

A photo exhibition
Nicoline Aagesen / Mherck Dela Cruz / Lauren Engel
July 7th at 7 PM to 10 PM
Above Second
9 First St, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
Join us at FB event page

Superman vs Doomsday


Repost from Sandra Chevrier’s Instagram ///In comic books, despite all the playfulness of the thing itself and all the “POW BING BAM,” superheroes are also fragile. For example when Superman loses his battle against Doomsday, the image of his red cape tattered and planted in the ground as a fallen flag has intense beauty and incredible power. This is just one example among many others. We are merely human men and women and we are entitled to the flaws and errors./// close-up #sandrachevrier #deathofsupergirl #urbanart #art #popart #portrait #contemporaryart @abovesecond #fragileheroes #urbanart #eyes #blueeyes #crying #superman /// get on the mailing list :

Sandra Chevrier

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The gallery is proud to present “CRASH! BAM! POW!”. Coming in March 2016


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For the month of August, Floral Artisan Kirk Cheng will be conducting flower arrangment classes at Above Second Gallery in Sai Ying Pun to ride out the tail end of his “Circle of Life” exhibition. He will enlighten us on the artistic ways to combine different material and develop professional habits of arrangement methods, wiring, and assembling techniques.

3:00pm to 5:00pm (EVERY SATURDAY / AUGUST 2015)
Technical step-by-step bouquet arranging class perfect for the summer with different theme each week. You will leave with your own creation to light up any room, a wonderful experience and conversation starter, or a beautiful gift for a special someone. (1,200HKD – Class fee + materials – free flow rose/ 1,000HKD without drink option)

Limited to 8 per class
To book the class please indicate Aug 1st, 8th, 15th, 22th, 29th

Call Reservation: 97131947

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Vices frequently develop into social norms throughout the tiers of sub-cultures despite often being considered the faults, immoral and sinful actions in the associated society. Hong Kong is a reservoir of behaviours that combine actions and social normalities from all over the world – and charmingly a city full of Vices. The boisterous pleasures of Hong Kong indulge its people and visitors to fall in love with its combination of Virtues, Vices and all that is in between. Junk boat parties, roof top bars, luxury living, Happy Valley, Lan Kwai Fong and its Wanchai counterpart, the summer in Hong Kong is the pinnacle of the word amusement.
Aaron Kai’s work touches upon these subjects but in an art form that highlights the fun and divergence that some Vices can bring to elevate cultures. His iconic illustrations and style playing with bold colours is portrayed throughout the exhibition incorporating comic culture and his signatures waves.
Above Second Gallery is excited about Aaron Kai’s return after making his debut trip to Hong Kong during Art Basel 2015. During his time here, Aaron hosted a pop-up exhibition as part of his world tour as well as painting two murals, HK Walls in Stanley and the Vaford Gates in Chai Wan as part of Chai Wan Mei.

Hailing from the small town of Hilo, Hawaii, post pop artist Aaron Kai’s waves can be seen worldwide. Grooming his art through inspiration from his natural surroundings since adolescence, he took his talents to San Francisco and is making his marks with notable projects such as Hurley’s Anti-Canvas campaign in 2013. With his affinity to street wear, Aaron Kai has worked with street wear staples, The Hundreds and Official, on separate capsule collection’s that are already produced or in the works. Notable achievements and accomplishments under his belt include covering Be-Street magazine, a Parisian street wear trade show that features the likes of many recognizable brands and personalities and being invited to paint at Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2015. Staying true to his roots, Aaron Kai collaborates frequently with Oahu based restaurant Fresh Cafe, on the curation of the design and the artistic lay out of the store. Aaron Kai remains a stead fast listener of hip-hop music. Having a vast knowledge of old school and new school artists, Aaron Kai prides himself in being able to use his talents to swoon the eye of many major players in today’s music industry. Most recently, Aaron Kai designed the official tour shirt for hip-hop sensation G-Eazy.

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Aaron Kai’s art work is more than just waves and bold outlines. The waves have brought him abroad to Paris and even to 6 countries in Asia via the Aaron Kai World Tour in collaboration with Official. The future is promising for the 25-year old. Keep up with his day-to-day operations via his social media outlets. Aaron Kai can be found on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter @aaronkkai. For all other works, please visit


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