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Alec Monopoly Opening

Renowned street artist Alec Monopoly will be taking Hong Kong on a run for its money come March!

Capital Games Above Second

Come join us for the opening of his exhibition on March 13th which will feature Hong Kong as the playground of excess, in which the Monopoly Man and others run amok.

Alec monopoly studio
His work has caught the eye of many looking towards artistic collaborations, including superstar electronic artist AVICII as well as The W Hotel, Madonna and Vitamin Water in a collaboration that saw live street art inspired renditions of a classic series of photographs Richard Corman took of Madonna in the 1980s. His solo exhibition at Mead Carney Gallery in London received high praise from Huffington Post, London Times, and completely sold out along with his Art Basel exhibition “Man Overboard” which took place on the 151-foot yacht MV Copasetic in South Beach. Having taken Art Basel Miami Beach by storm since 2012, his energy bursts forth in his first exhibition during Art Basel Hong Kong.


‘Gloss’ by INSA

London-based graffiti, conceptual and fine artist INSA. A multimedia mix of large scale canvases, photography and limited edition prints, and his signature “Graffiti Fetish” pattern prints will be available for the first time in Hong Kong.

“INSA’s work, contrary to some at first glace, speaks to an inquisitive and informed viewership. His beautiful women flaunting oiled skin and high heels or brand named sneakers serve as modern icons and symbols of our lavish and unsustainable, even unhealthy, lifestyle.

Our obsession with sex, consumerism, and the female body – he uses the inherent “want” of humanity in this most modern context to show that it isn’t really about any of that.

The whole game is serving up exactly what is least anticipated.

Karl Marx argued, “Fetishism is ‘the religion of sensuous appetites’ [...] the fantasy of the appetites tricks the fetish worshipper into believing that an ‘inanimate object’ will give up its natural character to gratify his desires.”

This critique of contemporary consumer culture and commodity fetishism is personified throughout INSA’s works of immediacy and presence.”

- Juxtapoz Magazine

INSA is a fine artist and designer who had established himself from a graffiti background through extensive street level work and gallery shows around the world. Throughout his career, INSA has allowed himself to explore different approaches and outlets for his artistic agenda, including designing signature collections for brands such as Kangol, NIKE and Oki-Ni, as well as starting his own heel company ‘INSA HEELS’. He has undertaken many private commissions including recent works displayed at TATE Britain.

INSA’s canvases and installations are often hyper real, finely crafted creations in which sexual desire and commodity-fetishism merge and contrast. Always with a heavy sense of irony, INSA visually exaggerates the notion of objectification meets commoditization with graphically depicted oversized body parts that are suspended in the controlled architectural lines of a sneaker or bold black and white graphic patterns. INSA uses these powerful patterns to play with and distort the spaces where his work is installed to entice the viewer into the ‘fantasy’; a shallow fantasy of materialistic aspiration where sexual objectification is flaunted as a symbol of wealth and success.

Sponsored by: the fleming, FLY and Catuma
Special thanks to: Ken Bong (Photographer), Thierry Chow, Amiee T, Chau, Peter Why, Very Masa and Naomie

Episodes Recap

“Each painting represents the trace of an ephemeral experience. The imaginary memories that are continuously being reopened and reinterpreted on canvas and paper through raw symbols, lines, and compositions. Referencing places and images that communicate with each other, while curating a vision of countless moments being seen at once. Similar to Charles Munka’s past exhibitions, his sole purpose is to recreate a universe within the gallery space. Exploring the contents of the mind and how our experience define our perceptions of the world.” – Charles Munka



Coming up real soon to the hallowed walls of Above Second is an exhibition by Charles Munka. Hailing from France and currently residing in Hong Kong, Charles will be showcasing new paintings that will be freshly revealed to the hearts and minds of the city. The show opens on June 24, 2011, so don’t miss out on a night with good art and good company. Click in after the jump to get more details and art.

- Jasper


Quentin vs. Coen

My good buddy Ken Harman does it again. Spoke Art throws another amazing show that centers around legendary directors Quentin Tarantino and the Coen Brothers. Check it out for yourself via the above video!

- Jasper

Uprising Recap

Above Second is please to present ‘Uprising’ a solo exhibition by Start from Zero (SFZ). This new body of work captures the uncertainty surrounding the future of artist communities in the industrial areas of Hong Kong. ‘Uprising’ will include mixed-media, and sculptures that combine materials including wood, metal sign, vinyl, cements, transforming Above Second to a space reminiscent of the industrial spaces in *Ngau Tau Kok.

SFZ has used the landscape of Hong Kong to reflect on what they believe are unjust social, political and cultural issues. In ‘Uprising’, the focus is on the future of Ngau Tau Kok. Just like Fo Tan, Ngau Tau Kok’s industrial space has became a haven for the creative fringe, including artists, musicians, pirate radio stations, tattoo parlors, and honey farm. The huge diversity of creative young talent giving a renewed life to these old warehouses is now under threat from the Government’s very ‘Hong Kong’ unrelenting insistence on ‘revitalization’ through property development. Any irony is lost in the face of profit-seeking. ‘Uprising’ is a protest.

An admiration and dedication to their fellow radical spirit of neighbors and friends, FM 101, Hidden Agenda, Dirty Boogie, SFZ’s created artworks based on each of these subversive heroines. ‘Uprising’, is the everyday struggle for artistic expression in Hong Kong is vibrantly portrayed through the collaborative efforts of these close-knit communities. The loss to Hong Kong if they are destroyed will be self-evident.


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