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For KAAMOS, Rubin415 brings to Above Second a series of hand coloured screen-prints, and painted panels to be showcased alongside a new mural to be unveiled in the gallery.KAAMOS, Finnish for: ‘Polar night’, is so named after the period of the year which Lapland is currently entering, where the sun does not rise in especially Northern areas where Sjöman has a cabin. Inspired by his Scandinavian heritage- Rubin415 has created pieces with dark backgrounds and muted coloured tones, that not only draw from his Finnish- Swedish background, but also draws from the metropolitan cityscapes of his time spent in the city of New York since having had moved there.



Alec Monopoly Opening

Renowned street artist Alec Monopoly will be taking Hong Kong on a run for its money come March!

Capital Games Above Second

Come join us for the opening of his exhibition on March 13th which will feature Hong Kong as the playground of excess, in which the Monopoly Man and others run amok.

Alec monopoly studio
His work has caught the eye of many looking towards artistic collaborations, including superstar electronic artist AVICII as well as The W Hotel, Madonna and Vitamin Water in a collaboration that saw live street art inspired renditions of a classic series of photographs Richard Corman took of Madonna in the 1980s. His solo exhibition at Mead Carney Gallery in London received high praise from Huffington Post, London Times, and completely sold out along with his Art Basel exhibition “Man Overboard” which took place on the 151-foot yacht MV Copasetic in South Beach. Having taken Art Basel Miami Beach by storm since 2012, his energy bursts forth in his first exhibition during Art Basel Hong Kong.


Sonya Fu

Fuck Off Okay?
Giclee print on Innova paper
48 cm X 34.9 cm
Limitied Edition of 5

Local digital painter Sonya Fu made the switch from graphic designer to full-time artist after her first successful solo exhibit in 2010. She tells Leanne Mirandilla about the young artist scene in Hong Kong and the inspirations behind her moody, intense pieces. (And, no, she is not a goth)

HK Magazine
By Leanne Mirandilla | published Feb 02, 2012

Please continue to read this interview via HK Magazine

Boooooom in my Pants

Mister Jeff Hamada left a stack of booooooom stickers at Above Second, so I decided to make full use of their natural radness. A few moons ago, I moseyed around town and put these bad boys all over town, including Layla’s pants! Check out all the little boooooooms in Hong Kong, it was like a terrorist attacked the city with tiny explosions of awesome.

- Jasper


Wacky Macky

Got pretty dumb while making wacky faces with the Garageworks family. Here are some of our stupid misadventures. Enjoy!

- Jasper


Food Fest for Fatties

Me and a bunch of good friends periodically embark on a wonderful adventure into deliciousness and obesity. It is a little shindig that we’ve lovingly named as the Food Fest for Fatties. Here are some shots from one of our more recent escapades into the land of chubbyhood.

- Jasper


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