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February . Make Waves for Colour . Curated by Julie Barrass . Sabrina Kee-Kitney (HK)

March 22nd . Les Cages / The Echo of The CRASH, BAM, PoW! . Sandra Chevrier (Canada)

March 24th Lies and Light .  Javier Martin (Spain)

March . Vaford Gates . Aaron Li-Hill (USA)



January . The Chairman and I . André Eichman

March Trailblazers .  Curated by Coates & Scarry Angela Lizon (UK), Carlo Cane (Italy), Carne Griffiths (UK), D*Face (UK), Joe Sorren (USA), Lindsey Carr (UK), Nick Walker (UK), Nigel Cox (UK), Pure Evil (UK), Rose Sanderson (UK), Sas Christian (UK) 

April . Pretty Girls . Emily Burns (USA), Crajes (Spain), Erika Yamashiro (Japan), Sonya Fu (Hong Kong), Yumiko Kayukawa (Japan), and Ray Caesar (Canada).

May . Solo Exhibition . Victor Ash (Denmark).

June . Cannonball Press . Mike Houston (USA), Martin Mazorra (USA).

July juxtaPOSENelson Cabán (HK), Pete Ross (HK), Shann Larsson (HK), Used Pencil (HK).

August . Drowning in Dreams. Cara To (HK)

September . Neon Golden. The Hours (AUS)

October . Cyrcle. Cyrcle (USA)

NovemberCarne Griffiths. Carne Griffiths (UK)



January . Obfuscating Stupidity (aka. playing dumb) . Sonya Fu (Hong Kong)

March Artwalk . Hong Kong Cinema . Jeremy Jangord (USA)

March . Journey is the Reward . Meggs (Australia)

May . KRISTOPHERH . Kristopher Ho (Hong Kong)

June . Shinagawa Shinju . Tat Ito (USA/Japan)

July . Get Freaky . Group Show

Mamafaka (Thailand), Hugo Mir-valette (France), Nicolas Barrome (France), Joakim Ojanen (Sweden), Matacho Descorp (Colombia), Pseven (Thailand), Anjo Bolarda (Philippines), Aitch (Romania), Alex Chiu (USA), Htf Colectif (France), Nicolas Verbauwen (France), Zigendemonic (Ukraine), Jiem (France), Mr Phomer (Portugal), Ibie Romero (Spain), Tika (Switerland), Supertexte (France), Mei Yan Jane (Hong Kong), Rafaël Houee (France), Loup Druelle (France), Pray4fun (France), Gil Guerra (Belgium), Pierre Bolide (France), Ekta (Sweden), Jopaucho (Sweden), Amaia Arrazola (Spain), Hellofreaks (France), Saddo (Romania), Resto (Belgium), Huskmitnavn (Denmark), NicolasVerbauwen (France), Zigendemonic (Ukraine)

Oct-Nov Colors of the City. Federico Fiorentini (Italy)

Nov-Dec . Thinkspace LA . Amy Sol, Audrey Kawasaki, Brian M. Viveros, Dabs Myla, Esao Andrews Joao Ruas, Linnea Strid, Yosuke Ueno (USA)


March . Wham Bam Thank You M’am . Jasper Wong (USA) and Wu Yue (Paris)

April . Day Jobs? . Eugene Kan (Canada) of Hypebeast

May . Gugaa and Mugaa . Anamachy Painting (Japan)

June . Small Victories . Jeff Hamada (Canada) of Booooooom

July . King for a Day . Meggs (Australia)

August . Random is Beautiful . Kahsone (Hong Kong)

September . Nebula . MaMaMo (Denmark) and Michael Rytz (Denmark)

October . Primary . Graphic Airlines (Hong Kong)

December . 2020 Group Show


January . 2020 Group Show

February . Skin Deep . Sonya Fu (Hong Kong)

March . Idealistically Hypocritical 7 . Ogi (Japan)

April . Mano Y Mano . Aaron De La Cruz (USA) and Smog (USA)

May . Uprising . Start From Zero (HK)

June . Episodes . Charles Munka (France)

July-August . Gloss . INSA (England)

November-December . East West Connect. Curated by Arrested Motion

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