Youth Outreach 2

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The Youth Outreach climbing wall, first attempted by Shida and TwoOne of Melbourne this summer, was repainted by Cyrcle with the Australian’s blessing.  The wall itself can only be painted in harnesses with abseiling equipment as there is no platform for scaffolding.

After a day of training, Cyrcle was able to begin the second round for the biggest public wall on Hong Kong island.  Dangling 14 stories in the air with a bag full of spray is not an easy task.  Big props to Shida, TwoOne, and Cyrcle for pioneering a new method of mural making.  It might not be the easiest way to do it, but it’s definitely a good story to tell.

“Rise Above” was the appropriate theme used for the Youth Outreach wall.  It depicts a boy in a hot air balloon ascending towards the sky. Youth Outreach is an organization aiming to help children get off the streets and away from drugs and crime. Above Second and Cyrcle donated the mural to the center in the hopes of inspiring the youth of Hong Kong to rise above the challenges they face everyday.

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