Vhils at Urban Bakery



After the success of the “Work in Progress” exhibition with Swire Properties, Above Second brought VHILS back for another commission project. Urban Bakery opened November 1st on the 3rd floor of Landmark boasting a mural by the famous Portuguese street artist.  The artist was brought to Hong Kong to create his first permanent installation in the city — a Carpe Diem-themed Hong Kong-inspired mural made with his signature drill-and-chisel technique.

Over the course of 4 days, VHILS and his two assistants designed, drilled, and chiseled the prepared wall.  The inspiration came from the days he spent in Hong Kong, what he saw and experienced in the multi-layered city – from its skyline to its ambience. He is interested in the relationship between people and their cities. In this piece he is exploring the unique interplay of Hong Kong and the people who live here.  A city is defined by the people who live in it, but at the same time the people are strongly influenced by the city they live in.  The text Carpe Diem is written in as an expression of the vibrancy and energy of Hong Kong.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 11.05.15 PM

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