Skin Deep Recap

Above Second announces Hong Kong Artist Sonya Fu first solo exhibition ‘Skin Deep’. In ‘Skin Deep’. you will find the troublesome beauties of Fu’s dream world opening doors to themes of vanity, miscommunication, identity, and moral conflict. The alluring aesthetics of Fu’s subconscious looks deep beyond the surface, her work seeps symbolism and will lead the viewer to discover the hidden messages of skin deep where nothing is as… it seems. The fluidity of Fu’s creative process starts out like any basic canvas, created in the most untraditional way of digital painting. Fu informally starts off her piece with color blocking technique and then slowly builds up her depth within the digital canvas. Fu’s beauties speak a reflection of her subconscious objections of consuming desires, stereotypes, and a protest of an unfair society. The anticipated debut of Fu’s solo exhibition will surely place her among the ones to watch within this decade.