‘Skin Deep’ by Sonya Fu

Veiling Vanity from the Vanity Four Series, 60 x 60 cm

Above Second is proud to present “Skin Deep” Solo Exhibition by Hong Kong Artist Sonya Fu

Opening Date: 18th February, 2011, Time: 6pm – 10pm
Event Date: 18th February, 2011 -14th March, 2011
Semi-Permanent Satellite Event: 9th March, 2011, Time: 6:30pm
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Venue: Above Second, 31 Eastern St, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Above Second announces Hong Kong Artist Sonya Fu first solo exhibition ‘Skin Deep’. In ‘Skin Deep’. you will find the troublesome beauties of Fu’s dream world opening doors to themes of vanity, miscommunication, identity, and moral conflict. The alluring aesthetics of Fu’s subconscious looks deep beyond the surface, her work seeps symbolism and will lead the viewer to discover the hidden messages of skin deep where nothing is as… it seems. The fluidity of Fu’s creative process starts out like any basic canvas, created in the most untraditional way of digital painting. Fu informally starts off her piece with color blocking technique and then slowly builds up her depth within the digital canvas. Fu’s beauties speak a reflection of her subconscious objections of consuming desires, stereotypes, and a protest of an unfair society. The anticipated debut of Fu’s solo exhibition will surely place her among the ones to watch within this decade.

Sonya Fu is a Hong Kong illustrator and graphic designer. She received her education in Hong Kong from DesignFirst in 2006, she had worked as a freelance designer by day and work on her art by night. She recently has been endorsed by Semi-Permanent as a new and notable artist of Hong Kong. Her chosen medium is digital painting which encompasses an intricate, and unique process. Fu’s work is inspired by dreams, music and the human condition filling her work with subtle messages leaving the viewer to develop their own interpretation. Sonya quotes “My art can be disturbing to the audience, but this is my interpretation of life and the perspective of the many aspects of my everyday encounters. If my work manages to scare, sadden, excite or inspire people, then I am doing the right thing as an artist-to create and convey emotion.”

Above Second 將舉辦香港藝術家傳敏兒的第一次個展 ‘Skin Deep’。在這次個展 ‘Skin Deep’ 大家將進入她的幻想世界, 窺探她內在世界關於身份, 溝通和道德上的矛盾。從傳敏兒獨特的美學觀念和作品中大家可以發現不少的暗示。在美麗的外表中往往藏着不可告人的一面。 傳敏兒作品大都以 ‘數碼繪圖’的方法創作, 但大家會驚訝於她作品中的細節展現, 像傳統的繪畫一般仔細。 而傳敏兒筆下的少女正是反映出她內心對這充斥消費主義,刻板和不公世界的控訴。

傳敏兒是香港本地插畫家和平面設計師,畢業於香港大一藝術設計學院。在日間她是位自由設計師,在晚間她會專注於她的藝術創作. 最近她被 Semi Permanent 選為年度注目的香港藝術家。她以 ‘數碼繪圖’ 為創作媒介,結合傳統技藝和創新媒介創作出獨特的作品。她的靈感多來自夢,音樂和人們的生活。傳敏兒的作品充滿暗示使其能讓觀者自行探索和理解。傳敏兒說: 我的作品可能會令觀者感到不安,但這些都是我對日常生活的闡釋和看法。如果我的作品能令人感到恐懼,傷感,興奮或啟發到某些人,創作和傳達情感,都正是我作為一個藝術家應該做的事。

Written by Justin Taylor. Translated to Chinese by Ng Ngai Chung

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