Day Job? Opening

Big thanks to everyone that came out to the “Day Job?” opening last Friday! We had an amazing turnout and a lot of support from all of our buddies in Hong Kong! Good company, awesome photos, and free beer. That combination always guarantees a rad time. Peep more shots of the opening night after the jump.

Keith of Dmop rocking out as always with Good Fellas attitude.

Packing in the streets.

Packing in the gallery.

Mister Eugene Kan the curator.

Pretty pictures.

Jenn of Vans loves her some taxis.

Sean of Nomadic and Kevin the Hypebeast showing support.

Shiva coming out in style with some next level bling.

If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to send some pictures over to Jeff Hamada for the booooooom “Small Victories” project. You could very well be a part of our next exhibition!