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We are so proud to open this exhibition with FOODLINK
Please mark your calendar! We will open the show on March 18th 1-9pm
Including kids workshop and live acoustic!


Rubin 415 Kaamos


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Rubin 415 Kaamos







































For KAAMOS, Rubin415 brings to Above Second a series of hand coloured screen-prints, and painted panels to be showcased alongside a new mural to be unveiled in the gallery.KAAMOS, Finnish for: ‘Polar night’, is so named after the period of the year which Lapland is currently entering, where the sun does not rise in especially Northern areas where Sjöman has a cabin. Inspired by his Scandinavian heritage- Rubin415 has created pieces with dark backgrounds and muted coloured tones, that not only draw from his Finnish- Swedish background, but also draws from the metropolitan cityscapes of his time spent in the city of New York since having had moved there.



Kungfu Legend

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Whose reigns supreme? (I know that is from Iron Chef)

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This July, Above Second is proud to co-present Untitled.
A trio of young fashion photographers presenting a series with a soft subculture vibe, these shots boast a reciprocal confidence between photographer and model that works to decouple nudity and confidence. Scenes of glitter, chromatic bathtub water, and midnight refrigerator binging brings across a feeling of celebration and intimacy in everyday spaces.

A photo exhibition
Nicoline Aagesen / Mherck Dela Cruz / Lauren Engel
July 7th at 7 PM to 10 PM
Above Second
9 First St, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
Join us at FB event page

Superman vs Doomsday


Repost from Sandra Chevrier’s Instagram ///In comic books, despite all the playfulness of the thing itself and all the “POW BING BAM,” superheroes are also fragile. For example when Superman loses his battle against Doomsday, the image of his red cape tattered and planted in the ground as a fallen flag has intense beauty and incredible power. This is just one example among many others. We are merely human men and women and we are entitled to the flaws and errors./// close-up #sandrachevrier #deathofsupergirl #urbanart #art #popart #portrait #contemporaryart @abovesecond #fragileheroes #urbanart #eyes #blueeyes #crying #superman /// get on the mailing list :

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